If you do not have a robust presence in today’s digital world, you risk losing massive amounts of customers and potential clients. This is even truer when it pertains to companies that rely heavily on differentiating themselves in a creative market. People in the wedding business certainly fall into this category!

You need to understand and utilize smart social media strategies in order to stand out and get noticed. You could be posting every day, but if you don’t have a plan and a strategy, you could just be spinning your wheels. In order to get clients, you need to work smarter rather than harder. Below we’ve listed some surefire ways that will keep you at the top of your social media game.

Use Images to Grab Reader’s Attention

Social media is visual. Even if your post is a long-form read about the latest floral trends or best destination weddings, it still needs a snappy and attractive picture that makes people want to click on it. Make sure your picture is alive with color and accurately depicts what you’re trying to promote. If you are posting about destination weddings, consider using a sundrenched Thai beach or a beautiful mountain resort.

Choose an article with pictures incorporated into it. Doing so will break up the text and give your reader some visual interest during their read. This tactic is especially suitable for articles that contain lists or feature many different styles or destination. This will also give you the opportunity to highlight photos from weddings you have organized. If you plan to incorporate wedding photos you have taken yourself, then invest in a photo editing laptop with a 1060 graphics card and at least 12 GB of Ram. This will ensure that you can edit photos to impress clients and beautifully complement your visual marketing efforts. 

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Make Sure Your Content Is on Point

Speaking of content, make sure that your content is offering the reader value. To speak to your potential clients and attract their business, you need to establish yourself as an expert in the field. The best way to do this is to understand what kind of content will resonate with them, and what areas you can broadcast your expertise.

For wedding planners, this is a golden opportunity to shine! Many people know that they need to post regularly, but few really seize the chance to wow their clientele with their knowledge about a specific sector. Let’s say that you are a florist. Why not keep your potential customers delighted with cutting-edge ideas for floral arrangements that they might not have thought about? Every bride wants her wedding to be unique and memorable. The best part of posting unique and compelling content is that it is far more likely to be shared! When your posts are shared, you benefit from name recognition and also look far more credible.

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Don’t Forget to Pay It Forward 

Don’t just post your own content. Incorporate links to other sources into your social media feed. Think of it as an excellent opportunity to collaborate with other companies that compliment your services. If you partner up with other vendors, they will promote you on their social media feeds also. Everyone wins!

Although it might seem a little counterintuitive, don’t shy away from promoting your competitors either. If another company in your sector writes a great piece about photography trends, post the link. You look credible and robust enough to be able to stand on your own merits. There is some truth to that old saying that a rising tide lifts all boats!


Stay Consistent With Your Posts

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This point is supercritical and necessary to maintain a good social media presence. Do not fall into the trap of posting a bunch of content and then going radio silent. Consistency is key! Depending on the platform you might have to post daily, three time a week, or even several times a day. Make sure you research the platforms ahead of time and make sure that your posts are getting maximum return on investment. There are peak times for all different platforms and tools that allow you to schedule your posts well ahead of time. You can even set up all of your content for the week during a few hours on a Sunday, then relax.

If you post a bunch of articles and then don’t post anything for a month, your business looks less credible. People want to know that you are engaged with your company and willing to give them a steady stream of content that they can use.


Make Sure You Maximize the Platform

Each social media platform is different. Some, like Instagram, are heavily visual. When using Instagram, you will want to put up artistic pictures with creative hashtags. Don’t be afraid to get whimsical on Instagram. When people are flipping through their feed, they are more likely to click and share pictures that are engaging and unique. Facebook is a different animal. You will want to post articles, infographics, photos, and links. Make sure that your posts are varied, so you don’t lose the interest of your potential clients or customers.

Businesses largely underuse infographics. Make sure that you have a healthy mix of them in your content calendar. Infographics are easy to digest, colorful and instantly shareable. It’s essential to have a lot of in-depth content and articles as well. Make sure you post some videos as well. Your videos should be short, informational and engaging. Allow people the option of clicking on the video and never post anything that automatically plays. Your customers will get turned off if they are bombarded with sound the second they click on your page. Video tutorials are extremely popular and shareable.

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By following these simple guidelines, you can maximize your social media presence and make sure to stay one step ahead in your field. Too many businesses do not put enough effort or thought into what they post, so social media platforms are a great place to establish credibility and really shine. Put some thought and effort into what you are posting, stay consistent and use the platform intelligently. Also, remember to incorporate lots of visuals into your posts, so they are attractive, shareable and memorable.


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