If you run a business, you understand just how important your company’s Facebook page is. Your brand matters, and creating content that interests and intrigues potential clients is important. Before you launch your Facebook page, however, make sure you understand how to best write copy for Facebook. You might be surprised. Writing copy for Facebook is trickier than you think.

Less is More

When it comes to Facebook copy, a shorter post will usually be more engaging. Evidence shows that shorter posts will be more successful than longer posts. While you might be tempted to include a large amount of information in your post, keep in mind that readers are scrolling through their social media news feeds quite quickly. If your post is too long, they might scroll right past it! Keep your posts short and to-the-point, as this will help audiences engage with your post.

Frequency Matters

It’s important to update your social media pages on a regular basis. Your Facebook page is one of the first thing interested customers and potential clients look at, so make sure your page is up-to-date with your latest sales and product information. If you offer services, always include as much pertinent information as possible so that potential clients don’t have to go searching for the information they need. Some companies make one post and then ignore their social media presence. The truth is that regular updates are essential. These will show up in the news feed of people who “like” your page, but they’ll also show new clients that your page is well maintained.

Content is Important

Choose to write posts that are interesting to your customers and that are relevant to your company’s topic. For example, if you run an accounting firm, share posts and information on financial awareness and the value of personal finance management. If you run a bakery, include pictures of recent creations and fun information about the process of baking incredible products. You shouldn’t simply try to sell to clients on Facebook. Instead, get them interested in your company and your brand. This will help you as you sell in the future.

When writing, your goal should be for your audience to share you posts, making your audience larger. Use emotionally engaging content that your audience will enjoy reading.

Don’t underestimate the value of a solid Facebook page. Proper management and interesting, engaging content is the key to keeping new clients interested and coming back for more. Schedule a free strategy session with Clickable Impact today to discover how to solve your most frustrating marketing roadblocks!