What is the most important thing you can know for your business? Is it the way to make your product better than everyone else’s? How to get the competitive advantage? Is it making sure you have all the right software? What about the right offers? 

All of these are extremely important. However, they aren’t the most important. 

What’s most important is understanding your customer. What they desire, what they suspect, what they dream, what they hate, what they wish was better in their lives, everything about them. This is not an easy task to handle, which is why we want to help you. 

Introducing The Customer Avatar Worksheet

*Right click and Save as*

Can you have more than one avatar? Yes. Ask yourself these questions when filling out your customer avatar worksheets:

How can I speak to the conversation already going on in this person’s mind? 

If I was this person, what would make me want to buy x product or service?

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