Tailored Styles: Successful Kickstarter Campaign Story

Socks made out of bamboo? Yes, we asked ourselves the same question once we started to work on this project, and actually they’re extremely soft if you ask us and the most important of all, eco-friendly.

Tailored Styles launched a 30 days Kickstarter campaign with the goal of crowdfunding $10,000 to be able to produce their bamboo socks. The challenge? Their email list was small and they did not know who their target audience was or how to reach potential customers to buy on Kickstarter.

The solution: Targeted Facebook ads and Instagram post that drove traffic to their Kickstarter campaign.

The result: $10,176 dollars raised on the platform, 90 new customers from 6 different countries, 1027 new Instagram followers, and 278 pairs of super soft socks sold.

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In Style Fashion Girl: A Custom Website For Women’s Accessories

As fashion and technology evolve, new outlets for the merging of the two are created and one is In Style Fashion Girl, a company that appeals to young women who want to thrive in fashion ans stay up to date with the most trendy and classy styles.

Selling online is not an easy task and that’s why In Style Fashion Girl requested our help.

The challenge: Increase their online sales in a matter of a week.

The solution: At Endless Profits Media, we analyze their website using expert metrics on what can be preventing people from shopping and optimized the checkout experience.

The result: A cleaner layout with specific buttons designed to increase click through rates, added security badges to increase trusts, and an overall checkout experience that increase traffic and conversions alone by 31% after the re-launch of the website.

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