Your Social Media

1. Top To Bottom Analysis

We start by analyzing your current followers, your target market, and who the perfect customer is.

2. Social Media Selection

We pick the right social media channels so that you can reach the best customers at the right time, and at the right moment.

3. Targeting & Optimization

We launch amazing content to attract new costumers and re engage your current ones.

Your Website

1. Sales Funnels Analysis

We start by analyzing how your customers are getting to your website and what’s stopping them from buying.

2. Sales Funnel Construction

Based on data and research, we change certain aspects of your website to make it more appealing and to make the experience simpler for customers to buy.

3. Sales Funnel Deployment

After your website has been optimized and customers are coming to it, we will tie everything with email marketing campaigns to make sure you never lose a sale.

Ready to turn your followers into customers? Let’s work together